Marijuana: Increased Legalization Means More 'Stress' For Cops

Marijuana is becoming more and more legal.

(Thank the lord above, and/or voters in Colorado and Washington).

So how do cops deal with high drivers? That's a complicated one: There's no Breathalyzer for dope smokers, at least as far as we know:

In fact, cops in Washington and Colorado know this and are fretting about DUI laws now that marijuana is completely legal in those states.

According to Fox News (yes, Fox News), even cops in hippy-dippy Denver are scratching their heads regarding when being stoned begins and when DUI ends.

(.08 and 420 don't really equate).

John Jackson, police chief in Greenwood Village, Colorado:

We're going to have more impaired drivers.

Um. Don't you mean "baked drivers." Anyway, we're kind of glad Colorado and Washington are working this stuff out before it gets to California, where everybody is stoned.

[@dennisjromero / / @LAWeeklyNews]

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