Act like Bill Clinton and try not to inhale.
Act like Bill Clinton and try not to inhale.

Marijuana Crop Goes Up in Smoke in Baja After Officials There Call it Largest Pot Farm Ever in Mexico

The biggest pot farm in Mexican history (found only a few hours south of Southern California) is itself history today: It went up in smoke.

And Snoop Dogg wasn't even there to inhale, apparently. Mexican officials today wrapped up its burn of the crop in the Baja town of San Quintin. They claimed the cannabis field near El Rosario stretched 300 acres and might have been worth $160 million.

According to USA Today ...

... authorities think the operation was the work of Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel. About 58 people were detained in connection with the discovery of the farm last week.

Where was this stuff headed? Not to L.A.'s still-burgeoning pot shops, of course, where the fare is much-higher grade.

In any case, Mexican officials said the farm was partially hidden by mesh.

Solders who patrol the area every three to four months came across it and thought it was a regular farm at first. Authorities told USA Today it wasn't there the last time they walked through.


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