Marijuana Bust in San Gabriel Valley Nets 1,000 Plants From Indoor Growing Operation, Authorities Say

Wonder where all that wonderful, hydroponic, strangely market-rate marijuana (it's supposed to be nonprofit) at pot shops comes from?

We don't. There's been a correlation between busts of grow-houses, which cops have said are often run by gangs and other criminal enterprises, and the explosion in medical cannabis dispensaries in L.A.

Anyway, another bites the dust, it would seem:

Authorities in the unincorporated San Gabriel Valley town of Bassett got a decent haul this week. They claim to have pulled 1,000 weed plants out of three industrial buildings in the 200 block of S. Eighth Ave., according to the SGV Tribune.

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Four people were arrested in connection with the bust, including: Colby Kelly, 39, Alfred Serrato, 39, Brandon Roberto, 27.

It appears to us cops had an eye on the place because the bust yesterday involved a search warrant.

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