Majority Of Californians Back Full Legalization Of Marijuana

As California is set to vote on a ballot initiative that would treat pot like alcohol -- making it legit for the 21-and-older crowd -- a television news poll found that a majority of Golden State residents back just such a move.

Fifty-six percent of Californians would support the full legalization of marijuana, according to CBS 5 in the Bay Area. Forty-two percent oppose such a law. The poll, conducted with the assistance of SurveyUSA, found that a whopping three out of four people aged 18 to 34 would support legitimizing weed.

The poll, unfortunately, had a small sample size of only 500 people. (Similar polls aim for about 1,500 or more people). But the results are not out of line with other surveys. It was conducted on ... you guessed it ... 4/20.


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