Louie Lujan, La Puente mayor, pleads guilty to perjury

Louie Lujan, the boy mayor of La Puente, pleaded guilty today to perjury and agreed to pay a $1,000 fine, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports.

Lujan admitted to failing to report contributions and expenditures from his 2009 campaign.

About 12 hours before entering his plea, Lujan stopped by La Puente City Hall to drop off his resignation.

Lujan got his start in elected office by serving on a local water board, and was elected to the City Council in 2001. Earlier this year he was considering a run for the Assembly, but he has dropped those plans and now intends to get a Ph.D in political science, the Tribune reports.

He will have to be content to study politics from the sidelines, as he will be barred from holding elected office under the terms of his plea.

Lujan's attorney, Glen Jonas, went down swinging today, with some choice words for the District Attorney's Office.

"If you're a Hispanic politician and you fill out the form incorrectly, you're gonna get prosecuted," Jonas said. "And if you're not Hispanic, it's a non-criminal (FPPC) violation."

For what it's worth, the D.A.'s office says race played no role in the prosecution.


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