LAPD Seeks To Shut Down "Occupy LAPD" Twitter Account

LAPD Seeks To Shut Down "Occupy LAPD" Twitter Account

"You catch more flies with honey"? That doesn't sound like a cop, but post-Christopher Commission, how are you supposed to know for sure?

Well, one giveaway would have been all the retweets of sexual advances. Cops are allowed to be cool, but not that cool.

Still, a lot of people seem to have believed that Occupy LAPD represents the department, which is why the department is going to the trouble of asking Twitter to shut the thing down.

It's still a mystery who's behind it.

"I have no idea who's doing it," said P.J. Davenport, one of the operators of the @OccupyLA Twitter feed.

The department is not trying to arrest this person for impersonating a cop, so we may never know for sure.


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