LAPD DUI Checkpoint In Cahuenga Pass Scheduled For Tonight

Take the sleigh home instead of driving.
Take the sleigh home instead of driving.
Paul via Flickr

Ah, the holidays in SoCal. Girls in boots. Boys waiting in line at Tiffany. Clear, bright winter days. It's all good.

Except, if your cheeks are rosy because you had a little too much of grandma's special eggnog, look out for the LAPD. Because it seems to us that they're gunning for more tickets and car impounds lately.

And that also means they're looking for red-faced idiots. That's where you come in. So don't get behind the wheel. And Friday night, avoid this area:

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Cahuenga Boulevard between Broadlawn Drive and Fredonia Drive in the Cahuenga Pass, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

That's where a DUI checkpoint will be set up.

Don't say we didn't give you anything. We gave you the gift of knowledge.

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