L.A. Dream Revisited

Beyond the house and the yard...The apartment as object of desire. This week we explore L.A.'s rapidly changing apartment landscape and why so many Angelenos are coming in from the sprawl. THE FUTURE NOW ROBERT GREENE on revising Los Angeles’ DNA GREG GOLDIN in conversation with developer Dan Rosenfeld on L.A.’s vertical future GLORIA OHLAND on the return of the residential hotel JUDITH LEWIS on how apartment living is good for the environment DAVE SHULMAN’s downtown loft tour. Plus, CHRISTINE PELISEK dispenses some facts of apartment life and finds out who’s moving in. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ROBERT GREENE on why L.A. lacks true rent control. Plus, a guide to the tenants’ rights you do have and a list of tenant's services. APARTMENTS WE'VE KNOWN Five apartment portraits from JONATHAN GOLD Unstable reminiscences from DAVE SHULMAN PAUL CULLUM on inhabiting a Neutra MARGY ROCHLIN on living high on the Golden Mile KRISTINE McKENNA on the legacy of the Los Altos JOE DONNELLY’s tale of a straight man in West Hollywood. DOWN ON MAIN STREET A guide to living among the crack addicts, mentally ill, homeless and young-pros-on-the-go in a changing downtown. Also, the Skid Row: the User's Guide. BY SAM SLOVICK HOLLYWOOD HABITAT NIKKI FINKE on the semi-glorious and sometimes gory history of Hollywood apartment living SEVEN McDONALD on single guy Scott Nathan, living the dream in a pink stucco two-bedroom DAN KAPELOVITZ on Hollywood’s Gershwin Hotel, a freak paradise L.A. Classics DEBRA DiPAOLO’s photos of some of Los Angeles’ most iconic apartments, and a selection of photos from the art deco Oviatt. Plus, Rossmore Glamour, photos by TED SOQUI.


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