L.A. County Plastic Bag Ban: Is Shopping Without Separate Bags For Poultry, Fish And Eggs Sanitary?

Bags are out in some parts of L.A. County.
Bags are out in some parts of L.A. County.

Like ohmygod what are we going to do? No more plastic bags allowed in L.A's unincorporated areas? This is like a Beverly Hills housewife without her left and right nannies.

Here's a question: If plastic bags will be banned at grocery and convenience stores in those communities regulated by L.A. County, what are they going to wrap our egg cartons in? Milk, sans its own separate bag? What about E. coli-friendly raw chicken (even though its already wrapped in cellophane)? Is it going to be free-range all of a sudden.

These are serious concerns (on L.A.'s Westside).

Our commenter of the day, Myth, expresses this fear aptly:

I can think of few things more disgusting that reusing an old bag for new groceries. Any meat or produce is going to leak and spread germs everywhere.

I do not see how the benefits could outway the costs. There cannot be any legitimate science behind this.

The horror.

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