John Bryson was on Ambien at Time of Accidents, Toxicology Report Shows

Earlier this afternoon the Los Angeles District Attorney's office announced it would not be pursuing hit and run charges against Obama's former Secretary of Commerce, John Bryson. Bryson hit two cars three times in a span of ten minutes in San Gabriel on June 9.

Bryson tested negative for alcohol and controlled substances following the string of car accidents, but tests did show the presence of the prescription sleeping Ambien in his system. The report did not specify whether or not Bryson had a prescription for the drug.

In addition to being Tiger Wood's favorite sex drug, Ambien has long been associated with episodes of amnesia. Users have reported sleep-walking, sleep-eating, sleep-sexing, sleep-shoplifting, and sleep-driving--with no memory of the events.

The report states that Bryson was "suffering from confusion following a seizure" at the time of the crashes, but stated there was "insufficient evidence" to establish whether or not Ambien may have been a factor.

Bryson Declination

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