Jersey Approves Medical Pot; Spiky Hair Still Legal

Does New Jersey really want to give these people legal pot?
Does New Jersey really want to give these people legal pot?

We can hear the taunting from clear across the country already: "Hey California -- we got your medical marijuana right here!" That's right, they do. While the city of Los Angeles is grappling with its burgeoning pot-shop trade and some pot boosters are gathering signatures to make pot fully legal in California -- doctors' recommendations be damned -- the New Jersey state assembly and senate have approved medical-marijuana language, giving new meaning to the term "Garden State."

After passage by the assembly today 48-16 with one abstention, the proposed law just needs one additional green light by the state's senate and it's on the books. And unlike California's loose-ended mess, largely manifest in the pot-shop capital of the nation, L.A., Jersey's law appears to be aiming for a tight bogarting of its medical weed scene.

New Jersey's legislation would only allow six publicly operated dispensaries throughout the state; it will prohibit patients from growing weed themselves; it will limit the kinds of ailments that will make someone qualified to get the pot; and it will limit patients to two ounces per month.

This is a good thing. Because the last thing the world needs is more impaired, spiky-haired beef-cakes (and notice, out of consideration for our Italian-American brethren, that we did not use the "g"-word here). Ohhhh.

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