Jamie McCourt Can Live With $637K a Month

Jamie McCourt, the estranged wife of Dodgers (co-?)owner Frank McCourt, is "satisfied" with Commissioner Judge Scott Gordon's ruling giving her $637,000 per month in spousal support, her attorney said today.

Jamie McCourt had been asking for nearly $1 million per month. Frank McCourt, who originally offered his wife nothing, had said he was willing to pay $150,000 per month.

In court pleadings, Frank McCourt claimed he earned only $5 million a year. Gordon apparently didn't believe that, as his spousal support figure amounts to $7.6 million per year.

Of the award amount, $412,000 is to go towards paying mortgages and upkeep on properties the couple shared before their separation.

Frank McCourt claims to be the sole owner of the Dodgers, and has a marital property agreement to back it up. Jamie's lawyers contend that the agreement awards 85% of the couple's property to Frank, and therefore ought to be torn up.

The pair will go to trial in August to determine whether Jamie should

be awarded half the team.