Industry Stadium: Years Before Kickoff

For one thing, other area cities have shared this ether-rag dream before, most notably when Irwindale tried to lure the Oakland Raiders to its tax base by offering to plunk a stadium on top of one of the town's gravel pits. For another, Industry's neighbors, Diamond Bar and Walnut, are already gearing up for a NIMBY Gotterdammerung to block what they fear will be autumns filled with traffic and noise. (Anyone who's recently transitioned onto the Gordian knot known as the 57 & 10 Freeway Interchange will have some sympathy for them.) The proposed development sprang from the brow of none other than real estate billionaire Ed Roski, who built Staples Center Arena with Philip Anschutz, and who owns part of the L.A. Lakers and L.A. Kings.

Tony Chavira at the urban-planning site FourStory has some salient observations about the battles looming ahead for Roski & Co. ("Co." being Industry's city council), along with sane suggestions for both sides of the debate.


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