How To Give The Finger To Your Cable Company

Ah, the outrageous bills, the alluring premium content that expires in three months, and the subscriber packages that never give you the exact channels you want -- not mention the lack of competition: Cable is so Soviet era.

You've been clamoring to shed this ball and chain, and now maybe you can: A company called Sezmi is rolling out its service to Los Angeles and it's free until March. The provider pulls content from online, broadband and digital-airwave sources and puts it in homes via set-top boxes that it rents and sells (for $299).

After March the service will cost $5 for local, over-air digital channels (which, frankly, you can get yourself for free) and -- where the real action is -- $20 for more than 100 cable networks.

"We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times in television history," said Sezmi co-founder and president Phil Wiser. "With a deep understanding of the changing needs of television viewers, Sezmi created a completely new end-to-end offering ..."

L.A. this week gets its chance to cast off the shackles of cable. Sign up here.


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