Hollywood Superheroes Are Back! ... On YouTube's Craigslist TV

Updated with exclusive teaser video, after the jump.

Superman is back ... on Craigslist TV. Hollywood's masked superheroes of the street were unceremoniously swept from the Walk of Fame last June, the victim of their own success and complaints from tourists that they could be violent and aggressive (which was true -- a few got into fisticuffs over turf).

Not to fear, the superheroes are here -- at least on YouTube. You can catch fake Superman, Dearth Vader, Batman and more on the Craigslist TV channel there, which launches its second season Thursday with part one of the series Hollywood Superheroes Unite!

In August many of the Hollywood Boulevard superheroes descended on City Hall to protest their treatment and demand they be able to return to the Walk of Fame.

That didn't get them very far, but hey, they have their own show ... on YouTube. Up, up and away.

The superheroes are back ... on YouTube.
The superheroes are back ... on YouTube.
Craigslist TV

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