Hipsters Do It: Air Sex Championships Return to Silver Lake (Photos)

The sun is out, spring is almost here, and sex is in the air. Or rather, it's time for air sex, that most Angeleno of stage shows.

The Air Sex Championships return to Los Angeles March 30 at The Satellite for a first-round event.

Will Grady Wilson be there?

Sex is in the air.

Drew TewksburySex is in the air.

We wish. He'd be a judge anyway. Can't have ringers.

But if you want to witness a true hipster in all his glory, check out the self-proclaimed "most important competition in the world."

And check out these awesome photos of Air Sex's past.

Is that Urkel?

Drew TewksburyIs that Urkel?

Air sex is like karaoke, though, so beware. There's always a drunk, loud guy just doing it to annoy you.

Because nothing says I'm so ironically cool like making moves you never actually get to make naked.

Do it like a robot ... or something.

Drew TewksburyDo it like a robot ... or something.