Heat Wave: Downtown Los Angeles Sees Record High of 92 Degrees

A record high for L.A.
A record high for L.A.

Yes, your car's thermometer works. All those folks coming into work today asking if their cars are accurate (80-something, 90-something degrees) can rest assured that the top auto engineers of Detroit, Japan and Germany are on the money.

Because this baby heat wave is producing, as advertised:

As our favorite radio hit-spinner might say, it hit a high of 92 Dees'-grees in downtown L.A. today. And that ...

... is a record, according to the National Weather Service.

Scenery today along the Santa Monica Bay.
Scenery today along the Santa Monica Bay.

The temp beat 1966's high of 90 for this date.

So go ahead and tell the folks back home how we do spring in L.A.

-With reporting from City News Service. Got news? Email us. Follow us on Twitter, too: @dennisjromero.

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