Good Things 2001

And for always, maybe

1. Thora Birch.

2. Bread. The food item, though David Gates is fine.

3. 1985 Toyota Camry.

4. Cliff Martinez — makes film-soundtrack music (Traffic) so good you don’t remember hearing any.

5. Roland V-Drums w/ headphones. Lash out at life without antagonizing your cats.

6. Melatonin.

7. Paella w/ seafood, must have fresh batch of rice.

8. Extremely low audio frequencies.

9. Xenakis.

10. Fela Kuti reissues.

11. Mellotrons and all artificial ways of music.

12. That weirdo Bob Dylan.

13. Legendary Pink Dots.

14. Freddy Fender.

15. Spaghetti w/ shiitake.

16. Bianca Halstead is in heaven now.

17. All of the above being musical, somehow.

18. Björk’s face.

19. Björk.

20. Burmese music.


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