Film-School Students Try to Start 'Occupy USC' Movement on Campus

Online USC paper Neon Tommy isn't without a tinge of sarcasm today when it blogs of one student and his "solitary vigil" for Occupy USC:

When asked if he was attempting to encourage others to join him in his protest, he responded, "I'm not telling people to come here, but if people, any friends or anyone decides that they think that it's right then anyone's welcome."

And a piggybacking Los Angeles Times blogger gets a little snicker in as well, with the headline "Lone protester launches Occupy USC vigil." But the trusty Daily Trojan reveals the truth: Occupy USC has a second man on board!

(Thank god for that. Kind of hard to practice the Occupy movement's strict call-and-response guidelines with no one to do the "response" part.)

According to the Trojan, both the participants are "sophomores majoring in cinematic arts, film and television production." The guy in Neon Tommy's "solitary" photos is listed on Facebook as Alex Zelenty, though all the papers identify him as Alex Zenelenty (sketch!), and his lesser-known partner in rebellion is Will Ilgen. (FYI: They're also Facebook friends, and "like" cool things such as Tom Waits and "Fight Club.")

Instead of occupying a Wall Street or a City Hall, though, these guys have chosen to sit stubbornly at the feet of their campus' iconic Tommy Trojan statue. We're not really sure what the symbolism is there, so we'll move on to their superior hobo signs:



There you have it. Two empowered students, bringing down the nation's fat cats without ever having to leave the quad. Really though: We think you guys are awesome. This whole Occupy thing has been crapped on by media critics for being unfocused, but that's also what gives it its energy, and its reach -- from the bronze bull to the bronze ancient warrior dude, FTW.

Keep at it, guys. But yeah, mostly just Alex (see photos, below). May we suggest getting some unions on board?

Occupy USC by day.
Occupy USC by day.
Katherine Cresto via Neon Tommy via Flickr
Occupy USC by night.
Occupy USC by night.
Katherine Cresto via Neon Tommy via Flickr


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