Father Alleged Kid Was Coached For TV Game Show

Father Alleged Kid Was Coached For TV Game Show

Recalling elements of the 1994 film Quiz Show, which was about TV game show cheating in the 1950s, the FCC is reported to be looking at allegations that a contemporary program, Mark Burnett's Our Little Genius, was rigged.

Burnett yanked the show from the airwaves after he said he found an issue with the way information was communicated to its child contestants, according to the Associated Press. The show was set to air on Fox before it was pulled last month.

The father of a contestant complained to the FCC that his kid was coached by employees of the show before appearing at a taping, according to AP. The FCC has since started looking into the program. The quiz show features children ages 6 through 12.

Burnett is believed by many to be the godfather of contemporary, competition-based reality television (Survivor) in the United States.

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