Facebook Visualizes L.A.'s Friends, But It Looks Like The East Coast And Europe Have Way More Buddies

We are. Your friends.
We are. Your friends.

So an enterprising young data infrastructure engineering intern at Facebook has mapped out the site's friendships across the world. The cool thing about his map is that continents, islands and landmasses aren't superimposed -- they're defined by the humanity Paul Butler found using Facebook's database.

The not-so-cool thing?

Land of the like. Home of the invite.
Land of the like. Home of the invite.

Los Angeles and the West Coast seems much less dense and a little more dim than friendship clusters on the East Coast and in Europe.

What gives, L.A? We're one of the world's major cities. Some immigrants represent here in larger numbers than anywhere else outside their home countries.

Yet the Eastern Seaboard shines like downtown Manhattan on a Saturday night. And California -- the birthplace of the web and the capital of technology innovation?

Not so much.

Here's our conclusion. We're cool. We're smart. We're innovative. But nobody likes us.


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