Embrace Your Sensual Side With Striptease

We associate the word striptease with only two things these days, a dimly lit nightclub where lonely men go to pay $20 for a lap dance, or a form of exercise for celebrities.  What we don't understand about the erotic form of expression is that it's more than just an exchange of money, or a weight loss craze.  We've heard striptease is empowering, but we don't know why.  We know it builds self-esteem, but we're not sure how.  It's good for our relationships… because… uh, we have more sex?

The answers to those questions are really very simple.  But, it took a few years as a stripper to truly understand the dynamic of what happens when you take your clothes off. So instead of recommending a part-time job at the Rhino, or Jumbo's Clown room,  I'll just give it to you straight.

As women we tend to flourish in our sensuality as we attract lovers into our lives.  But once they have arrived, we can easily get caught up in our daily duties and the comfort of our relationship, and we begin to feel less inclined to get sexy.  We  push away the touches or glances that could lead to intercourse.  We ultimately deny our own sensual nature.

Men too can become comfortable in relationships, leading to a lack or romance or foreplay. But they still have a need to exercise their libidos.  This fact has been a great service to the Strippers of America. The freedom to be turned on is the true appeal for men in strip bars. They are allowed to be sexual and excited and she won't tell him  she has a headache. She won't be having sex with him either.

So what if we became the stripper?  We would have the ability to prance around naked, indulging in our sensuality, without the consequence of being expected to have intercourse.  Men would also feel the freedom to be turned on, feeling desired and having their needs met. Those two healthy, fulfilled, excited people would then be able to communicate their desires to one another, flirt relentlessly and keep the spark in their love life in a way that is free from expectation or resentment.  

Who knows? You may even be able to get a couple of crisp $20's out of him!


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