Emanuel Pleitez, Goldman Alum, Faces Long Odds In Quest To Be Boy Mayor of Los Angeles

A Gil Cedillo mailer attacks Emanuel Pleitez (at right)
A Gil Cedillo mailer attacks Emanuel Pleitez (at right)

After that, he bolstered his resume with a stint in the Treasury Department, where he served as a special assistant to former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. He argues that that experience gave him "an understanding of economic policy at the highest level," which he can apply to L.A.'s lackluster economy.

"It's all about jobs," Pleitez says. "The new mayor needs a more

integrated focus on how to increase innovation."

Pleitez was motivated to run because no other Latino has entered the race. If he gets on the ballot, he could siphon votes from Councilman Eric Garcetti -- who figures to do well in the Latino community.

But Guerra argues that Latinos will stick with Garcetti, who represents a Latino district and can claim Latino heritage on his father's side.

"I don't think Eric Garcetti is worried about him running," Guerra says. "He should run for council or something like that. He's potentially a great candidate. But now, if he tries to do that later, he's gonna be a two-time loser. I'm boggled."


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