Doped: Manny Ramirez Benched 50 Games

Perhaps, though, the Dodgers truly are off to a miracle season, one

that's bigger than its individual players. Last night they broke a

Major League record for most at-home victories by winning their 13th

consecutive 2009 game at Dodger Stadium without a loss.

Ramirez figured

prominently in that 10-3 effort over the flailing Washington Nationals,

reaching base three times and doubling in a pair of runs, but he wasn't the only key contributor. In fact, lately the Dodgers

have been playing so well and with such a team effort that it's

tempting to believe they could win the pennant without Number 99. Still,

Ramirez's value as a symbol transcends his feats on the field and it

will remain to be seen what the temporary removal of Manny Mania will

have upon his teammates and the city that adores him.


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