Dana Rohrabacher Gets Involved In Gambol Shipyard Plan For Port Of Los Angeles

"I am requesting that you give Gambol the opportunity it rightfully seeks to 'prove the merits of its proposal,' in a timely manner consistent with both rational environmental practices and the importance of a project that will create 500 to 1,000 jobs," Rohrabacher wrote.

The proposal has split labor groups, with the building trades in favor and longshoremen against. At the meeting today, David Arian -- a past international president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and a current Harbor Commissioner -- warned that Rohrabacher's involvement showed that the issue is "spinning out of control."

"We cannot have both (the dredging and the shipyard) at this moment in history," Arian said. "Anybody who tells you anything else is bullshitting you."

Hahn replied, "I see it differently and I'm not bullshitting myself."

Hahn was alone at the hearing because Bill Rosendahl is recuperating from surgery and Tom LaBonge apparently found something better to do. As a result, her recommendation to move forward with Gambol's proposal will require 10 votes instead of eight when it comes to the City Council next Tuesday.

Ben Reznik, one of Gambol's lobbyists, called Hahn's recommendation "thoughtful and courageous."


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