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Dale Garrett Shooting: Witness Says Suspect Didn't Have Knife In-Hand When He Was Shot Dead by LAPD

It seemed fairly straightforward to us: Undercover cops approach man with drugs. Man with drugs lunges at one with a knife. Man with drugs is shot. Man with drugs is dead.

But at least one witness apparently came up with a different version of events for Tuesday's officer involved shooting of 51-year-old Dale Garrett shortly after noon on Tuesday on West Fifth and Spring streets downtown.

Now the advocacy group Los Angeles Community Action Network wants an extra-special investigation. Here's what the wit said, according to ABC7's Sid Garcia:

The suspect, the witness told the station, "had his knife still in his holster" when he was shot.

Cops alleged that they were working undercover narcotics in the area around the Alexandra Hotel -- streets long known for their heroin trade -- when ...

Garrett approached the undercover officer and solicited a narcotics sale. Garrett then verbally threatened to kill the detective while simultaneously retrieving a 7-inch folding saw resulting in an officer-involved shooting.

Pete White from LA CAN told the station that LAPD Capt. Todd Chamberlain has committed to meeting with community members to hear their concerns about the deadly confrontation.

(We have a call into White).



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