Cockfighting: California Man, Jose Luis Ochoa, Killed by Rooster at Cockfight

One cockfight in California went terribly wrong.
One cockfight in California went terribly wrong.

The Mexican sport of cockfighting has drawn the ire of animal rights activists, who say it's inhumane to strap razors to the feet of foul and let them go at it as cash-fisted men cheer them on.

Here, then, is a tragic tale of one cockfighting fan who paid the ultimate price:

Authorities this week say 35-year-old Jose Luis Ochoa of Kern County, L.A. County's neighbor to the north, died after a razor-footed rooster fatally sliced him as he looked on during a fight in Tulare County last month.

A cockfighting casualty.

An autopsy notes that he died of "sharp force injury," according to Associated Press.

Cockfighting in the United States is illegal, and if it were legal authorities would probably require barriers and buffer zones that might have saved this guy.

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