City Council Takes A Week-Long Siesta

While the city runs without a permanent police chief, a law to address the 800-and-growing pot-dispensary industry or a fully staffed fire department, the city council has cleared its calendar for the rest of the week.

City Council Takes A Week-Long Siesta

It's not exactly midsummer or even Thanksgiving. But for some reason, City Hall is being abandoned like Andy Dick at a nightclub. Besides those pesky potholes (the city owes us a few grand in wheels and tires -- we swear), there is serious business to attend to this week.

But take a gander at the official council schedule: Jobs and business development meeting? Canceled. Education and neighborhoods meeting? Canceled. Housing, community, and economic development? You guessed it -- canceled.

The second largest city in the nation will be without its political leadership the rest of the week because council members will reportedly be out of town attending a National League of Cities conference in San Antonio -- probably on our dime.

Awesome. Forgive us oh feudal council members if we're not exactly down with your Tahoe SUV-driving, rich-guy, wine-and-dining, mid-November, out-of-town-flying ways, but there's business to attend to.

You'll have plenty of time for rest and turkeys, and we're not just talking about your anti-declawing ordinance.