Charlie Sheen's Car Crashes Without Him

(UPDATE: 'Looks Like Sheen's Car Was Actually Stolen, Driven Off Hillside'). Another bizarre celebrity car accident was reported when Charlie Sheen's car went down a hillside ... without him inside. The incident was reported in the 13300 of Mulholland Drive at 4:06 a.m. Friday, Los Angeles city fire officials said.

Rescuers -- 32 firefighters and two helicopters -- were sent to the scene and found no one inside or near the black Mercedes, which had gone more than 100 feet down a hillside. Sheen reported his car stolen earlier in the morning, Los Angeles police Officer Bruce Borihanh said. reported that a security monitoring service called Sheen about 4 a.m. to tell him that the car's airbags had gone off and it was likely involved in a crash. The Los Angeles Times reported that Sheen also had called police to report that a burglar was on his property in nearby Sherman Oaks early Friday as well.


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