CALL AND RESPONSE: Citizen Fletcher

Dear Chief Bratton,

Welcome to Los Angeles. My name is Peter Fletcher and I live in a section of Hollywood called Little Armenia. In bygone days the area was called Lemon Grove. It starts at Wilton Place, about a quarter-mile from the Walk of Fame and all those other tourist attractions. The area is also known as Thai Town and sports the best Thai food in America. It also sports the most junkies, crazies, winos, crack whores, dope dealers and taggers in Hollywood. The local gang is called Armenian Power, and its spray-painted messages and monikers are everywhere. Neighborhood storeowners spend thousands of dollars and countless man-hours trying to keep these creepy vandals' bullshit in check. (I use the term "bullshit" because I cannot think of another term that adequately describes this horrific scenario -- I do not mean to offend anyone but the perpetrators.)

Homeless people use the Grant Elementary School lawn as their personal toilet, and crack is openly dealt on the same street in broad daylight. Because of the proximity to the aluminum-can recycler located behind the Food 4 Less, the clatter of fully loaded shopping carts is nearly nonstop. Stepping around passed-out drunks and junkies on the sidewalk is as commonplace as taking out the garbage.

I voted against Hollywood secession solely because I heard what you did in New York in regard to cleaning up the streets, and you deserve an honest shot at L.A. Please come to our side of town and enjoy some spicy ginger chicken and egg-drop soup. Any policeman can tell you where we are, as there is a California Doughnut Shop right next to us.

Don't let me down,Peter Fletcher


Thank you for your e-mail and your many comments. They'll be helpful as I attempt to learn the Department and the many diverse neighborhoods of the city. I'm confident that we can make improvements.

All the best, Chief Bratton


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