'Brief Jerky' Made of Dried Meat = Edible Undies for Men

'Brief Jerky' Made of Dried Meat = Edible Undies for Men

Our main hos at The Pleasure Chest alerted us to a collection of edible underwear we never thought would exist - at least not for sale to the public. But some genius and/or obese minds have come up with Brief Jerky, edible underoos made solely of dried meat, woven together with more dried meat, and even available bedazzled with large gemstones.


If you haven't guessed, these jerky-pants are for sale on and are a chewier version of traditional edible undies with a more potent smell. (Most of the bikini bottoms made to be removed orally are made of gummy material similar to Fruit Roll-ups.)

Unsee, unsee!
Unsee, unsee!

So if you're still searching for a way to make your sweetheart swoon this Valentine's Day, try strapping on a set of Brief Jerkys and see where the evening takes you. Just make sure your cat, dog and/or hungry roommates are locked out of the room.

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