Bree'Anna Guzman-Ruiz Is Missing: Young Lincoln Heights Mom Went Out for Cough Syrup, Never Came Home

Update: "Bree'Anna Guzman's Dead Body Reportedly Found by Side of Freeway in Silver Lake -- on One-Month Anniversary of Her Disappearance."

LAPD detectives are trying to track down a 22-year-old mother of two who went missing Monday night in Lincoln Heights.

Bree'Anna Guzman-Ruiz, as she spells her name on Facebook, told her family on the evening after Christmas that she was going out to buy cough syrup at a drug store near their home. Since then, according to City News Service, the young mother "never came home and has not reported to work."

Guzman-Ruiz' last public Facebook activity was three days before her disappearance...

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... when she was posting photos of Juicy Couture purses that she wanted for Christmas.

"We're concerned for her well-being, because this is out of character for her," Detective Marla Ciuffetelli at the LAPD's Missing Persons Unit tells LA Weekly.

A reporter from KNX news radio writes that the missing woman's home is located on Humboldt Street, near the 5 freeway. And another Twitter user says Guzman-Ruiz was "last seen around 8pm at the RiteAid" near her house.

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Here's a physical description of the 22-year-old, via City News: "She's 5 feet 3, has black hair and brown eyes, weighs about 110 pounds and has a tattoo on the back of her neck and a pierced lower lip."

Yet another Twitter user adds that she has braces and "freckles on cheeks."

Anyone with any information concerning Guzman-Ruiz' whereabouts should call detectives at (213) 996-1800.

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