LAX has been targeted before.
LAX has been targeted before.

Bin Laden Had Los Angeles On His Short List of U.S. Cities to Attack, Report Claims

Los Angeles was on a short list of cities targeted for terrorist attacks, according to data mined by troops that raided Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani compound this week.

CBS News states that L.A. was listed in the intel along with New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

The network says some details of the data culled from Bin Laden's hideout and leaked to CBS indicate ...

... the al Qaeda leader was thinking big. The memos reference potential attacks against major American cities - New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles. Sources say the writings suggest striking on important specific dates like July Fourth, September 11th and New Year's.

CBS claims that "bin Laden desperately wanted another 9/11" and that he had U.S. rail systems in his sights.

The network described the documents not as operational but as a "wish list," adding that he was dreaming up new ways to attack the United States.

L.A. has long been known as a potential al Qaeda target, at least since the so-called Millennium Bomber planned to hit LAX but was thwarted in 1999.



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