Bikini Coffee House Crackdown Proposed For Garden Grove: Cops Want Less Skin, More Skim

Update: Bummer gentlemen. The Garden Grove City Council passed the stricter rules for bikini coffee shops last night in a 4-0 vote. The Orange County Register.

This is a travesty, and we want all red-blooded men to protest.

We speak, of course, of Garden Grove's proposal to crack down on its 37 bikini coffee houses where, at some of the spots, women wear only pasties on top and thong-style bottoms. What's the problem? We like our coffee this hot.

Apparently Garden Grove police are fed up with this particular Vietnamese American tradition and want more coverage, less smoking, and fewer gangsters at these non-alcoholic, no-dancing establishments. To be fair ...

... some of Little Saigon's coffee shops have seen problems, including homicide and illicit gambling.

This is precisely why we love America.
This is precisely why we love America.
Cafe Miss Cutie / Facebook

Police Chief Kevin Raney tells the OC Register the new rules, to be considered at a City Council meeting tonight, are designed so that the shops "do not turn into gentleman's clubs."

(Interesting -- they've been around for years if not decades, and they have yet to turn into gentleman's clubs; nor have they shown any trajectory in that direction -- women can't even accept hand-to-thong tips, apparently).


We'll take a 'tall.'
We'll take a 'tall.'
Cafe Miss Cutie / Facebook

And, according to the new, proposed rules, no breast exposure below the areola, no arcade games (to discourage gambling), no tinted coffee shop windows (actually, we kind of like this one, if you know what we mean), and double no smoking (indoor smoking is already prohibited, but ethnic coffee shops deserve redundant rules, damn it).

This is just plain wrong. Facebook protest page, anyone? Let's push back, bikini girls: Take a stand: No justice, no cream.

First posted at 1:04 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10.


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