Ban On Plastic Bags To Be Considered For L.A. County's Unincorporated Areas

California's senate didn't have the balls to ban plastic bags at grocery, convenience and drug stores. But this week L.A County might do what Sacramento wouldn't.

And Heal the Bay, long a proponent of polluting the planet with needless bags, will be there before Tuesday morning's vote for a rally outside the Hall of Administration.

While the group says the ban would make this one of the largest city/county governments in the nation to outlaw plastic bags, the move would still have limited reach:

It would apply to stores in unincorporated areas (PDF) controlled by county government, such as Marina Del Rey, Topanga Canyon, Rancho Dominguez and East San Gabriel.

Still, the county states that a million people live in these communities.

The rally happens from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at 500 West Temple St., downtown.

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