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Keeping Abreast

of the Spanish Press

I detect a strong anti-American bias in the local Spanish-language media — or is it my imagination?

—Viva Lou Dobbs

Dear Gabacho: I forwarded the above pregunta to Pilar Marrero. She’s a nationally syndicated columnist and features editor for the Los Angeles–based La Opinión, the nation’s largest Spanish-language daily.

Why is the Spanish-language press anti-American?

Who says the Spanish media is anti-American?

Some gabacho. So why do you think so many Americans are afraid of the Spanish-language press?

Many Americans don’t even know Spanish-language press exists .?.?. I don’t know for a fact that Americans, like you say, are afraid of the Spanish-language press. I think many Americans are misled by their leaders to fear foreigners and immigrants because it’s human nature to fear that which is different. And the leaders use it to manipulate people for political reasons.

Do you get e-mails from gabachos accusing you of being anti-American?

No, I never get e-mail from “gabachos” calling me or [La Opinión] anti-American. “Gabachos,” as you call them, rarely read La Opinión. I thought you knew that.

For the record, gabachos have historically distrusted America’s foreign-language media since immigrants used newspapers and radio programs to espouse radicalism — for instance, the Industrial Workers of the World (the infamous “Wobblies”) published their daily in Finnish, while Jewish socialists used Yiddish-language papers like The Forward as mouthpieces. But don’t worry about today’s Spanish-language media, Viva Lou Dobbs — with the exception of La Opinión, it’s just as devoid of news as the gabacho media, but with more dwarves and big-breasted chicas.

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