Asian Women Targeted In Another Act Of Sexist, Racist Vandalism At UCLA

Looks like UCLA, ranked one of the best universities in the world, has a serial idiot on its hands.

On the day we reported that someone posted a racist, sexist message outside the offices of the Vietnamese Student Union and the Pacific Islanders Student Association, a similar scrawling was discovered.

Police seem to think the two are related:

A UCLA police official told KNX 1070 Newsradio this morning that the two instances of vandalism indeed seemed to be linked.

A possible hate-crime investigation was in the offing, a police official told us.

The latest vandalism was discovered Wednesday afternoon in a women's bathroom at Powell Library, the Daily Bruin reports: It read,"Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts."

The message found Tuesday morning outside the Vietnamese Student Union said, "asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores."

The Union was planning an awareness event outside Kerckhoff Hall this afternoon.

Asians make up the biggest ethnic group at the Westwood school and were targeted in a racist rant on YouTube about "Asians in the library" that went viral last year.

[@dennisjromero / / @LAWeeklyNews]

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