Are You a Map?

{mosimage}1. You are a “junior” or a II or III, or you are named after your grandfather.

2. You have a degree from a four-year college in California. Preferably, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA or USC. (For the intra-Latino Pac-10 football-weekend parties, of course.)

3. There is a wall in your parents’ house reserved for your baby pictures, graduation pictures, and framed awards and certificates.

4. You took Spanish in middle school, high school and college, and can still barely speak above “menu level.”

5. Your mom is the most important person in your life.

6. When you go “clubbing,” you almost always wear a button-up shirt (untucked), black dress shoes, dark jeans and a nice watch.

7. Your car has a Dodgers, Raiders, Mexico or UFW bumper sticker.

8. You have a small collection of shot glasses commemorating trips to Baja, Cancún or Vegas, and more than a few honoring your favorite sports teams.

9. You traveled to be the escort or chambelán of honor in a quinceañera in another city, or in Mexico.

10. You can perform light auto-body work.

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