Annual Anagrams

America + Iraq = CIA REAM IRAQ

Rumsfeld = DR. FLUMES

Rumsfeld + Iraq = ALFRED SQUIRM

Bush + Rumsfeld = BLUSHED SMURF

Bush + Rice = U.S. BE RICH

Katrina = ANTI ARK

Gov. Arnold = Valor Dong

Antonio Villaraigosa = A VAGINA SALON OIL RIOT

Mayor Antonio = AMATORY ONION

Tom LaBonge = A BONG MOTEL

Brad + Angelina = BAGEL AND RAIN

Tom Cruise = I, SO RECTUM

Katie Holmes = TOES LIKE HAM

Heath Ledger = THE LARGE HED

Kanye West = SWEET YANK

Conor Oberst = BORN TO SCORE

Arcade Fire = A DIRE FARCE

Sufjan Stevens = JESUS FAN VENTS

Fiona Apple = A POP FINALE

White Stripes = HE WRITES SPIT



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