91 Timeline

Roger Michael Mahony becomes Roman Catholic Cardinal of Los Angeles;

Reza Abdoh (1963--95) stages Bogeyman at Los Angeles Theater Center, which then closes;

Latasha Harlins, 15, shot dead by grocer Soon Ja Du at Empire Liquor Market Deli — Judge Joyce Karlins sentences Soon to probation, despite her having been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter; Buffums department stores close;

Pioneering African-American radio station KDAY shuts down;

Rodney King arrest by LAPD videotaped;

Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive;

MTA Blue Line opens;

Jim Van Tyne, Theoretical Club co-founder, dies of complications resulting from AIDS; Craig Lee (b. 1956), musician, Weekly editor/writer, dies of complications resulting from AIDS.

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