1979 Timeline

Anti-Shah demonstrations in Beverly Hills; Weekly solicits poetry contributions; the great Zoom hype;

L.A. Weekly slams Timothy Leary’s first standup routines at the Improv: “His humor is surprisingly racist and stupid”;

Madame Wong’s West opens; Eulia Love killed by LAPD; Weekly offers “A Visitor’s Guide to East L.A.” (“Outsiders tend to think of East Los Angeles as dangerous, but . . . gang members only attack rivals from enemy gangs and take no pleasure in harassing tourists”);


Chippendales opens in West L.A.; Weekly predicts hair styles in the ’80s will reflect tight money: “Because of the money shortage, people won’t be able to have their hair done that often and so will work more with what they have”; LAPD raids both the Masque punk dive and Plato’s Retreat swingers’ club in July; Weekly ad for sterling-silver cocaine snorter, guaranteed to conserve as much powder as possible: “With gram prices as high as they are today, you can’t afford not to”;


Weekly wins its first major award, from Southwest Press Association;


Rams play last game at Coliseum;

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road ride opens at Disneyland; the Pike amusement park in Long Beach closes; Beef Bowl fast-food restaurants open.



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