10 Best Marijuana Strains at L.A. Dispensaries

Perennial Holistic Wellness Center's packagingEXPAND
Perennial Holistic Wellness Center's packaging
David Futch

Following months of exhaustive researchL.A. Weekly has distilled a list of the best marijuana strains offered by Los Angeles dispensaries.

Despite the fact that nothing could be more subjective and unscientific than picking the best of the best buds from L.A. growers and collectives, we have persevered. We know there will be naysayers. Judging marijuana is a silly notion. All pot is good, from the shake at the bottom of the baggie to the high-end bud with crystals and pistils galore.

Rankings aside, the truth is that all of these strains are tip-top weeds that work — whether it’s to stunt pain, write a novel or calm down after a day in corporate America. Some put you on a sofa for a Breaking Bad marathon while others promote stress- and pain relief in its many forms. Some make you drift off into ... where was I? Oh, yeah. Bottom line: They’re all good.

Drum roll, please.

10. Ace of Spades from California Alternative Caregivers 
Carl Clines flies to Amsterdam a couple of times a year to buy seeds for his growers. He hands them over in an unmarked container and tells them to do their best. The most recent grow produced the highest card in the deck, one that will have you laughing through back-to-back South Parks.

Perennial Holistic Wellness Center assistant manager Yuniki MoyaEXPAND
Perennial Holistic Wellness Center assistant manager Yuniki Moya
David Futch

9. Paris OG from Perennial Holistic Wellness Center
“We’ll always have Paris,” Bogey tells Ingrid Bergman. So will you if you go to Perennial, one of the coolest collectives in L.A., complete with 6-foot-tall plants in the grow room. This dispensary is the fanciest in the city, with free valet parking and the best weed containers ever, which are sure to keep your weed fresh.

Venice Beach Care CenterEXPAND
Venice Beach Care Center
David Futch

8. Dr. J’s Alpha Omega OG from Venice Beach Care Center
This potent bud comes courtesy of the mysterious grower who gave California — and the world — the original Ocean Grown Kush when he discovered the incredible effects of growing near cool Pacific waters. This would have made the top five except for one important aspect: One-eighth of an ounce is $72. Ouch.

7. Kosher OG by Sticky Medz
An indica-dominant hybrid with fat calyxes, prominent pistils and a nose that’s spot on, Kosher OG starts off feeling cerebral, then settles into the body systematically and relaxes you. It’s $40 for one-eighth ounce. As Medz budtender Jason McDaniel says, “I’ll put it up against any $75 eighth from the beach.” Bam.

10 Best Marijuana Strains at L.A. DispensariesEXPAND
David Futch

6. Green Crack from The Relief Collective
An unfortunate name given to a superior strain. It won’t make you weary, because this is zippy pot that imparts a creative high, stimulating right-brain function and allowing the user to return to that blank page staring back from the computer screen.

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