Worst of Hard Day of the Dead, 2013

We keep saying it, but no seriously enough with the headdresses

Timothy NorrisWe keep saying it, but no seriously enough with the headdresses

Over the weekend some 70,000 people turned out for Hard's Day of the Dead electro fest, at L.A. State Historic Park. The stacked lineup included Calvin Harris, Gaslamp Killer, Boys Noize, The Bloody Beetroots and Baauer. It was largely a success, with a few hiccups.

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Here's the worst of what we saw over the weekend:

Worst of Hard Day of the Dead, 2013

Mary Grace Cerni

Finger light shows

We've written about "gloving" before -- where dudes wearing finger-lit gloves wave their hands around -- and it can be cool to a point. But the massive LED screens surrounding the stages were a pretty sweet spectacle, and it's hard to imagine how some guy impersonating a magician could be more entertaining. -Mary Grace Cerni

Not dressing for the weather

We fully understand and even respect the impulse to be naked (except for some sequins) and call it a costume. But to roll out of the house into the chilly November night and then complain about how cold you are all night is kinda dopey. -Katie Bain

Crowd Snaking

Crowd Snaking is where you make a long human chain to more effectively weave through the crowd. Sure, it might keep your party together, but considering it's akin to a 20-person Conga line in the middle of a packed crowd, it requires a lot of shoving and leaves many annoyed crowd members in its wake. -Mary Grace Cerni

Worst: Weird garbage

Katie BainWorst: Weird garbage

Porta Potties Sans Sanitizer

We didn't bring our hand sanitizer this year because Hard Summer had dispensers built into the porta potties -- but there were none at this event. Which pretty much meant that if we wanted to clean our hands we had to buy a $5 bottle of water. -Mary Grace Cerni

Bucket Hats Are Back

Dudes everywhere were sporting this '90s throwback headwear. This may actually be a good thing. We're just not sure. -Katie Bain

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The crowd during Deadmau5's set

Timothy NorrisThe crowd during Deadmau5's set

Whoever In the Crowd Kept Farting During Deadmau5

Terrible. -Katie Bain

Yes, we get it she's got a nice ass

Katie BainYes, we get it she's got a nice ass

Gratuitous T&A

Whoever was manning the camera at the Hard-er stage on Sunday night made sure to let the nearly naked woman in the lingerie basically do an entire lapdance for the camera. It was okay at first, but when the the dude went in for closeups of her shaking her ass at the camera, even some of the dudes started to grumble. This was the same stage where a girl just straight up took her top off for the camera earlier in the evening. They cut away from that pretty quickly though. -Katie Bain

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