Which NPR Reporters Would Make the Best Band Names?

From Audie Cornish to Lakshmi Singh, there is something legitimately cool about the names of the hosts on NPR. As The Atlantic notes, NPR reporters have inspired legal name changes, pet names, restaurant monikers, and even the name of a cow in Cambodia.

Right here in Los Angeles, KCRW reporter Chery Glaser has a band named after her, something she told the blog Franklin Avenue she is "flattered but puzzled" by. L.A. three piece Cherry Glazerr, however, thought the name captured their young, sweet, but still edgy sound. Somehow, they're right.

Here's are a few other KCRW/NPR reporters that could also be band names.  

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Terry Gross

Courtesy of npr.orgTerry Gross

Reporter: Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air

Suggested Band Names 
Teary Gross, The Terry Gross Experience

Suggested Genre
Death/ Gore Metal 

Picture it: long, greasy black hair, bass lines heavy enough to churn your insides, vocals so low and grunty the singer sounds like a pig rolling around in the mud and so much black eyeliner. It would indeed be the antithesis of the namesake reporter's program Fresh Air. 

Reporter: Jason DeRose, Western Bureau Chief for NPR News

Suggested Band Name
Jason and De Roses

Suggested Genres
'90s R&B

In voices as smooth as melted chocolate, (think "I'll Make Love to You"-era Boys II Men), this boy band (man band?) will undoubtedly sing the slowest slow jams about the ups and downs of love. Mostly the ups though. 

Renee Montagne

Photo courtesy of NPRRenee Montagne

Reporter: Renee Montagne, co-host of NPR's Morning Edition

Suggested Band Name
Renee Montagne

Suggested Genre
Singer/ Songwriter

Sure, it's probably because "Renee Montagne" is a name similar to that of bluesy folk singer "Ray LeMontagne." Still, one can easily imagine cigarette smoke clouding some dingy basement venue and a single spotlight shining down on a fedora-sporting crooner strumming away on an acoustic guitar while singing about the heartbreak of the modern condition. 

Reporter: Karen Grigsby Bates, an L.A.-based correspondent for NPR News

Suggested Band Names
Grigsby & Bates, Brigsby & Gates, Karen

Suggested Genre
'70s Folk

This group of hippies would travel in the same caravan as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Moustaches, tinted glasses, flower head bands and the faint smell of patchouli required for band members and fans alike. 

Steve Inskeep

Courtesy of npr.orgSteve Inskeep

Reporter: Steve Inskeep, host of NPR's Morning Edition

Suggested Band Name
Steve & the Inskeepers

Suggested Genre
'70s Rock

Existing in the same realm as Derek & the Dominos, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, this group has got the winning classic rock band "name + whimsical noun" combination. Expect many lengthy guitar solos and a Deadhead style fan following. 

Reporter: Milo Miles, music critic for NPR's Fresh Air

Suggested Band Name
Milo Miles

Suggested Genre
Alternative/ Indie Rock

The name "Milo Miles" is catchy, cutesy and just a little bit twee, which is currently the perfect combination of elements for anyone making indie rock. This group is big on college radio. 

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