What Did Die Antwoord Get at Amoeba?

YoLandi and Marshall Mathers: Separated at Bleach?
YoLandi and Marshall Mathers: Separated at Bleach?

We're big fans of Amoeba's "What's In My Bag" web video series, where the massive music and DVD retailer gives musicians a big gift certificate and encourages them to engage in acts of conspicuous consumption before a digital video camera.

The reason the series is so great is because it gives musicians a rare chance to nerd out like the rest of us over stuff they love, stuff they're curious about, and those odd items of personal choice they're clearly impatient to get home and check out.

So we were superthrilled when we heard South African sensation Die Antwoord had stopped over at Amoeba during a recent LA trip, where they also signed to Interscope and were taken around town (in their "What's In My Bag" video, Die Antwoord rapper Ninja shares a priceless story about a hanging out with David Lynch!).

So what did you think Ninja, YoLandi, and their mysteriously shifting third member DJ (watch and you'll see what we're talking about) get at Amoeba? Hint: YoLandi got "God" as a bonus item.


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