Weekend Roundup: Backyard Boogie at House M

Weekend Roundup: Backyard Boogie at House M

Regal D

It was a cozy night last Friday at House M. The squared bar, mirrored walls and old fashioned  décor could made you feel nostalgic for home.

DJ Rudebwoy spun an opening set of clean jungle to the few arriving and winding down, while DJ D-Dub followed with an all ragga set and DJ Alexander changed it up with rooted techno. In between electronic tunes, DJ Miztah Lex's pure hip-hop mix brought out the cultured vibes of early underground shows.

The seasonal event branded as the "Backyard Boogie" provides a stage to a music-diverse platform of underground DJs. With a $5 cover, it's an inexpensive and subgenre-rich local event to enjoy at the end of the week.

Most of the crowd made their way through the door during the fifth set of the night, DJ APX1's mash up of dance classics including Queen's "Bite the Dust." And to add to the all-around flashback feel, DJ Roxanne spun a vinyl set of funky breaks. The mellow state continued through the whole night with the music laying the foundation for effortless socializing.

Frenetic AI

Regal DFrenetic AI

Just in time for final drinks, Los Angeles natives A.I. and Frenetic ended the night with Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their rollercoaster mix of hip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep, and electro was full of popular songs mixed with fresh ones like 16 Bit's remix of Borgore's "Foes."


Regal DRoxanne