Watch: VOICEsVOICEs Share Creepy New Video for 'Flulyk Visions' [MP3]

Dos voz.
Dos voz.

Last week, Drew Tewksbury introduced readers belatedly to a "new old video" by L.A.'s own Manimal Vinyl act VOICEs VOICEs.

Now, the darkly-gazing-downward duo has a real-deal fresh clip for their seething, black track "Flulyk Visions," and we're happy to share it.

It's directed by Cuauhtzin Gutierrez and features effects by Flying Lotus' visual counterpart, Dr. Strangeloop.

The song itself hails from the recently released Origins EP. San Francisco's Lefse Records (original home of Neon Indian) will re-release the earlier Sounds Outside short-player later this summer.

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DOWNLOAD: VOICEs VOICEs - "Flulyk Visions" [MP3]

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