Video Premiere: Japanther and Spank Rock Team Up on "Radical Businessman"

Ahem, excuse us for the interruption, but West Coast Sound is incredibly excited to offer a late-Friday Labor Day Weekend premiere of the following video by Japanther, featuring vocals by Spank Rock. One reason we're excited is because the song, "Radical Businessman," features one of the great punk rock refrains of the year. Listen to it once and it'll be in your head all weekend.

Japanther & Spank Rock ~ ~ ~ ~ "Radical Businessman" from Chad von Nau on Vimeo.

Or, better, sing along after the jump...

One two three four fuck the cops

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One two three four fuck the cops

One two three four fuck the cops

Let's get one more fuck the cops.

And then also because the video itself, directed by Chad von Nau, is so solid.

Japanther performs at tomorrow's FYF Fest.

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