Sole raps takes on "White Rage" surrounded by Tea Party picketers.
Sole raps takes on "White Rage" surrounded by Tea Party picketers.

Underground Rappers' "White Rage" Song Honors Gabrielle Giffords and Targets Tea Party Hate in Arizona

Former Anticon Records rapper and founder Sole has released a brand new song that takes aim at the Tea Party, Arizona immigration laws and political race-baiting in "post-Obama" America. The track, called "White Rage," is rapped over the beat of recent Clipse hit "Popular Demand," and was co-written by emcee/poet Pedestrian. The latter also makes an off-camera appearance in the "White Rage" video, delivering a sermon on the shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords titled "Arizona Goddamn," named, of course, after Nina Simone's Civil Rights classic, "Mississippi Goddamn."

"White Rage" hails from the upcoming Sole mixtape Nuclear Winter 2, which the Denver artist has been sharing bit by bit via his SoundCloud account and official site. Another recent highlight is "Bradley Manning Swag," which finds Sole paying respects to the alleged governmental source in the WikiLeaks case over Rihanna's "Russian Roulette."

Pedestrian, who performs above as Evangelist J.B. Best, is a current member of the Anticon label and collective, a sometimes journalist, and a current L.A. resident.


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