Top 5 Hottest Boys from the Hottest Indie Bands in L.A. in 2010

LA's Hottest Boys!!!

Carl CarlLA's Hottest Boys!!!

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Boys in bands are cute but some of them are extremely cute. It almost doesn't matter that they're playing any music (although we're glad they are!). What follows is the five hottest boys in some of the best bands in L.A:

the Fling. Flinging it.

Courtesy FutureSoundsthe Fling. Flinging it.

5. the Fling

Long Beach-based the Fling sings such sweet songs, I want to write the lyrics on the back of my eyelids so that I can have nice dreams. And if I dream about the singer, then that's cool too.

White Arrows

White Arrows

4. White Arrows

White Arrows is a lo-fi-meets-electronica-six piece. After an incredibly successful August residency at Spaceland, the band gave an impressive performance at CMJ, and will be heading to SXSW in the spring. And ladies? The drummer will be 18 soon, so cool your heels!

the band. Not the film director.

the band. Not the film director.

3. John Carpenter

John Carpenter--the band, not the filmmaker--was named an artist to watch by Stereogum in 2009. I can't help but agree. His smooth voice sails over spooky, romantic rock'n'roll songs, with creepy, soulful lyrics; his skills as a guitarist are similarly impressive. "Make You Mine" makes me melt every time.

Hanni el-Khattib

Hanni el-Khattib

2. Hanni el-Khatib

Multi-instrumentalist Hanni el-Khatib has been making waves with his one-man band. Influenced by early American rock'n'roll, he produces a raw sound that is part soul, part doo-wop, and part garage. He started getting noticed after opening for Florence and the Machine back in September; I'm still noticing him.

And the hottest boy with the hottest LA band is...

1. the Soft Pack

This rock band rocked my world when I saw them play ten shows in one day back in July. The drummer plays a cocktail kit, the singer's voice is like melted butter, and the guitar tone is like silk. They started getting attention after supporting such acts as the Breeders and Bloc Party in 2008; later in 2009 they went on to tour with the Black Lips and Franz Ferdinand. "Mexico", off their latest LP, is like a lullaby.